Food Battles

The American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a study of toddler age children that concluded the average toddler may need to see a new food on their plate at least 10 times before they will eat it! Here are some tips for introducing new foods:

1. Always let her know what she is eating. At the beginning of each meal, point at each item on her plate and tell her what it is. The more she hears about it, the more familiar it becomes.

2. Offer new foods first and at times when she is most hungry. When children are hungry or first sit down to a meal, they will often eat without thinking about what they are eating.

3. Don’t give up. Try very small portions of new foods, so you can throw them out without feeling guilty about wasting food and be patient, 10 times can seem like a long time.

4. Encourage your child to “try it”. Do not force her to eat, but ask her several times during a meal to “try” the new food. Show her how you “try it” too – make it look like fun to try new foods!