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The 10 Times Rule

Is your toddler unwilling to try new foods? Here’s why. The American Academy of Pediatrics performed a study with toddlers and found that most toddlers need to see a new food on their plate at least 10 times before they are willing to try it. Try these tips for introducing new foods more successfully:

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  1. Offer new foods first. Your child is most hungry at the start of a meal. They will often eat without thinking about what they are eating.
  2. Pair a new food with familiar food. Serve something that you know your child likes along with new food.
  3. Make food creative. Toddlers are often open to trying new foods arranged in eye-catching and creative ways. Use cookie cutters to cut foods into shapes or arrange foods by colors. Kids this age also enjoy any food involving a dip.
  4. Talk about the new food. Introduce a food and describe the flavor and texture. Compare it to a food they already like.
  5. It is fun to try. Be a good role model and show your child how you enjoy trying a new food.
  6. Try serving new food at different times of the day. Does your child eat the most at breakfast? Could this new food be a snack? Try offering the new food at other times of the day to encourage trying.

Excerpt from Early Eaters Resource Guide & Cookbook – Survival Tips and Simple Recipes for Toddlers and Preschoolers