Fresh Baby Products for OLDER ADULTS

Fresh Baby is proud to offer a variety of nutrition education products for the older adult population. Our products provide guidance to make healthy food choices including shopping, preparing meals, or sitting at the dinner table.

We understand the uniqueness of the older adult market and design products that are senior-friendly. For example, our grocery bags are smaller, carry less weight, and have long straps to keep hands free. Our messaging for older adults is written simply and displayed in larger text, making it easy to read.

All our adult products are designed to make life more independent and enjoyable. Click here to our collection of Older Adult products.

In addition to individual programs, we have partnered with Bingocize®, a successful evidence-based health promotion program that combines exercise, health education, and BINGO! Fresh Baby products are the recommended nutrition education prizes for your Bingocize® program. Bingocize® is included in the SNAP Ed Toolkit as an evidence-based intervention and is also an accepted Falls Prevention Program by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). We couldn’t be more excited to support the older adult community through the Bingocize® program!

View our dedicated Bingocize® page for more information and Prize Pack details.

Older Adult Product Catalog

  • Custom Nutrition Education MyPlate products for WIC, SNAP-Ed, Food Banks and Schools