local farm

On one those perfect sunny days of Summer, pack up the family and venture out to a local farm. Farm stands are great places for kids of all ages. Many offer hayrides, playgrounds, tours and other outdoor activities. Some farms offer “pick you own” programs, where you and the family can wander the fields and select your own fruits and vegetables to take home.

Talk to the people who work on the farm. They may offer to give you a special tour and to teach your children about farming. While you are shopping let each child pick out something new to try. If you have a baby, show them all the different colors, shapes and textures. Make it fun! One visit to a farm may inspire you to start your own garden at home!

Asking questions at the farm or farmers market: Ask open-ended questions. Instead of yes or no questions like – Do you use pesticides? Or, is your beef grass-fed? How about – How do you grow your strawberries (or corn, or tomatoes)? Or, How do you raise your beef (or chicken, or lamb)? Let the farmer tell you about what he does, most of them are more than happy to tell you all about what they do.

Here are a few questions your children can ask and they may enjoy listening to the asnwers:

  1. What is in season?
  2. When were these fruits or vegetables picked?
  3. What is the best way to cook or eat this?
  4. How large is your farm?
  5. What do you grow or raise?