Tired of cleaning up after your child’s paint project, for them just to drag it out again in a few hours? Or maybe you just avoid getting the paints out, because of the messy clean up. Use So Easy Storage Trays as a paint palette for your children and it practically eliminates the mess and clean up.

Simply fill each compartment with different color paint. When your child is done painting, cover the tray with the lid. When painting time arrives again, just remove the cover, spread out the newspaper and you are all set go.

Wash the brushes at the end of the day to avoid them drying out.

Summer FUN – Ice painting:
Here a summertime favorite for toddlers. Freeze washable paints in the So Easy Storage Trays either alone or with some popsicle sticks stuck in there. When the temperature rises, pull out the colorful cubes and put them to paper or old cloth!