Concord grapes

Did you know? Every four-ounce glass of 100% grape juice made with Concord grapes counts as one serving (1/2 cup) of purple fruit with no added sugar, and contributes to meeting daily MyPlate fruit recommendations.

Welch’s is excited to showcase brand new health and nutrition resources:

  1. “Purple Power” Digital Recipe E-book: Features eight delicious recipes, made with 100% grape juice, that are certified by the American Heart Association as heart-healthy
  2. “The Mighty Concord” Infographic: Highlights the heart health benefits and nutrition power of the boldly delicious and nutritious Concord grape
  3. “8 Reasons to Enjoy 100% Grape Juice for Heart Health” Infographic: Provides compelling reasons to enjoy a delicious and nutritious glass of 100% grape juice and creative ways to add it to heart-healthy meals and snacks throughout the day

Delicious Welch’s Grape Juice Recipes:

Purple Sunshine Smoothie

Overnight Oats with Grape and Berry Compote

Grape Juice Froyo Bites

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