When you begin introducing solid foods, it’s also a great time to introduce drinking from a cup. Babies are usually ready at 6 months of age when they can seal their lower lip on a cup and can sit without support. Try to wean your baby from a bottle to a cup by 12-14 months of age.


Do not offer your baby fruit juice or other sweetened drinks. These drinks have a lot of sugar that causes tooth decay and are not very nutritious. They fill up your baby’s tummy, not leaving room for healthier foods. After your baby’s first birthday, you can begin offering a small amount (4 ounces per day) of 100% fruit juice in a cup.

Choosing a Cup

A great first cup is 4-6 ounces in size and unbreakable. This cup can be open or have a lid. If the cup has a lid, it should not be “spill-proof”. Spill-proof cups, also called sippy cups have a small plastic valve on the inside the lid which causes your child to

suck like a bottle. This does not let your child learn to drink from a cup.