farmer's market

We love the farmer’s market! Meeting local farmer’s and supporting state agriculture, it’s important to us. It’s why we have our very popular Farmer’s Market Tip CardFarrmer’s Market Bag and Kid’s Farmer’s Market Bag.

We believe it is important to teach our children about where food comes from. The following preschool lesson plan supports the USDA MyPlate message of filling your plate half full with fruits and vegetables. The lesson plan is appropriate for ages 3-5 and includes the following:

1. Full small group lesson plan for creating a MyPlate Farmer’s Market book, with anticipatory set and tips for implementation.

2.  Make a MyPlate Farmer’s Market book template.

We hope you enjoy this lesson plan and find it useful, feel free to download the MyPlate Farmer’s Market book and book template.


MyPlate Farmer's Market Book and Activity for Preschool