kids in the kitchen

Give your kids a better chance of being a healthy grown up by having them share in the preparation of homemade meals. Cooking offers a great opportunity to teach your children about healthy ingredients and how they help their bodies. Learning to cook is a life skill that puts to use many school subjects:

  • Cooking involves reading recipes and following instructions.
  • Children practice math skills by counting and measuring.
  • Science is learned by children seeing ingredients transformed by mixing, dissolving, melting, and so on.
  • Learning how to cook promotes independence and develops self-confidence.

Even picky eaters are often more willing to eat foods they help prepare. It is important to give kitchen tasks that are appropriate for each child’s age so that the job that can be done successfully and safely. We’ve created a handy Kid’s in the Kitchen Tip Sheet filled with age-appropriate kitchen tasks. Enjoy the quality time in the kitchen and the pleasure of sitting down at the table together to enjoy what you’ve cooked up.