holiday habits




Nurturing your kids healthy habits around the holidays can be challenging. Homemade cookies and delicious candies play a big role in celebrating the holidays, and most of us want our kids to enjoy the tastes of the season. Here are a few tips Kid-Friendly, Healthy Holiday Eating tips:

    1. Start each day with a healthy breakfast. A nutritious breakfast of fruit, protein, whole grains, and dairy will help your kids start the day on a healthy note.
    2. Set limits on the amount of cookies and candy your child can eat each day. Teach your kids a life-long healthy habit by teaching them to moderate their sweets intake.
    3. Encourage drinking milk with cookies. Avoid sugary drinks and soda.
    4. Make sure your kids get a good night’s sleep. Over-tired, cranky kids can cause you to cave in to their sugar cravings.
    5. Save the party food for the party. Put the holiday treats somewhere out of sight for the majority of the day. Pull them out for family fun time and visiting with friends.

Keeping your children active in the colder winter months is important too. Stay active as a family – Bundle up and get outside for walks, have snowball battles, make snow angels, and build snowmen & igloos. If indoor activity is the only option, clear a spot on the floor for dancing and games that make you move.

For more ideas on outdoor play go to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Website.