Portion Tips

For over 14 years, Fresh Baby has been supporting public health programs in motivating participants to make healthier food and drink choices. As a USDA MyPlate National Strategic Partner and Drink Up Campaign sponsor, our products are consistent with the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Our MyPlate products are used nationwide to teach MyPlate and support nutrition education initiative and curriculum.

A few examples of how Fresh Baby’s MyPlate products can be and have been for nutrition education:

MyPlate Grocery Bag

  • Grocery store tours to share buying produce on a budget, weighing produce, reading nutrition labels and making healthy food choices for meal planning. This coordinates with our MyPlate Grocery list for making a grocery list that includes all of the MyPlate food groups.
  • MyPlate nutrition education classes offered by SNAP-Ed programs, libraries, schools, food banks and other community programs. Fresh Baby’s MyPlate grocery bag is reinforcement material to provide the participant with a tangible product they can use on a weekly basis for making healthy food choices and choosing fresh produce on a budget.

MyPlate Toss Up Beach Ball

  • Perfect for nutrition education classes to help teach the MyPlate food groups while encouraging an active life style and choosing taking water breaks. This activity is great for an icebreaker and can lend itself to teaching proper nutrition, food safety, meal planning and more.  Used for all ages and group sizes.
  • Used for community fairs and outreach to support MyPlate initiatives
  • Ideal for face-to-face appointments to teach using a hands on learning approach with an individual or family.

7” Kid’s 4-Section MyPlate

  • Preschool education to teach the MyPlate food groups, with a coordinating lesson plan.
  • Face-to-Face appointments to teach portion control and healthy eating.
  • Participation incentive for continuous support of nutrition messaging, leading to behavior change.

Shop all of the Fresh Baby MyPlate products to support your nutrition education program(s). Visit our free lesson plans that coordinate with our Fresh Baby MyPlate products.