pesto sauce

Pesto is a staple in Italian cooking. Traditionally made with basil, olive oil, crushed garlic, pine nuts and parmesan cheese, variations include sundried tomatoes, red bell peppers and nut free options. The word “pesto” means to crush or pound using a mortar and pestle. The flavor of Pesto may be a little too strong for tiny taste buds. This recipe is the perfect way to begin the introduction of this delicious sauce.


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup mascarpone or cream cheese
  • 2 Tbsp. pesto sauce (store bought or homemade)


In a small sauce pan over medium heat add all the ingredients. Stir frequently and do not let the mixture boil. After 2-3 minutes mixture will become smooth. Remove from heat and pour sauce into a 2-cup measuring cup. Let cool for 10 minutes. Pour the creamy pesto sauce into your So Easy Baby Food Trays, cover and freeze until ready to use.


Remove a sauce cube from the freezer, defrost and add it to mashed or pureed foods. Here are a few suggestions for delicious creamy pesto meals:

  • Mashed potatoes with pureed cauliflower, peas and white beans with creamy pesto sauce
  • Pasta with chopped chicken and broccoli with creamy pesto sauce
  • Flaked whitefish (such and tilapia or catfish) and mashed rice with creamy pesto sauce