Cookie Dough Cubes

It is always nice to have something sweet on hand to offer unexpected guests or as treat for your kids.  But we all know too many sweets on hand is not a good thing – They either go to waste or the waistline! Using the Fresh Baby Food Trays to make cookie dough cubes makes it a breeze to have hot, fresh, homemade cookies in minutes!

Simply make your favorite cookie dough recipe. Press the cookie dough into the So Easy Storage Trays, cover the trays and freeze them overnight.

You can either leave the cookie dough cubes in the trays or pop the cubes out a store them in a freezer bag (labeled with the date and name of cookie recipe). When company stops by, or your sweet tooth starts talking to you, preheat the oven and grab a few cookie dough cubes from the freezer. Place them on a cookie sheet and right into the oven. No defrosting needed!