Let’s face it — making healthy food choices and keeping kids active are not always first on the list of things to do with many families.  With work, school, long commutes and household chores, finding the time to cook healthy meals and enjoy them as a family is a rare event. And getting kids outside the house and participating in physical activity 30 to 60 minutes each day may end up being just wishful thinking. Unfortunately, kids will pack on extra pounds if eating healthy and physical activity takes a back seat for too long, and the long-term effects of this extra weight can be devastating.

Take heart in knowing you are not alone and that families everywhere have the same daily struggles. Just remember, obesity is a preventable disease, and even small changes make a difference.

Here is a list of links to some great resources to help you in your effort to raise healthy kids:

Let’s Move – https://letsmove.obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/

First Lady Michelle Obama developed this initiative to help us raise healthier children. The site contains ideas on how to involve simple changes in eating habits and activity levels.

Nutrition 411 Toddler and Kid Center– http://n411.consultant360.com/n411/taxonomy/term/151

Nutrition 411 Toddler and Kid Center has information for parents and healthcare professionals. Check out the obesity page for some great obesity resources.

Alliance for a Healthier Generationhttps://www.healthiergeneration.org/

Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides great information to help empower kids to develop healthy habits for a lifetime.


The YMCA has been committed to healthy communities for over 160 years.  Find a YMCA through this website.

President’s Council on Fitness, Nutrition, and Sportshttp://www.fitness.gov/

This site provides information on staying fit, eating healthy and making good lifestyle choices.

Fresh Baby’s National Childhood Obesity Month Pinterest Boardhttp://pinterest.com/freshbaby/national-childhood-obesity-awareness-month/

We’ve compiled a board devoted to resources to help you raise healthy eaters.