tea cubes

Turn plain, cold tea into a refreshing experience by using frozen flavor cubes.  Here’s how to perk up your iced tea with minty lemon,  cool melon or raspberry flavor .

  • Minty Lemon Cubes: Fill the So Easy Storage Trays with lemonade and add 1-2 crushed mint leaves to each compartment. Cover them and freeze the over night.
  • Melon Cubes: Puree melon (i.e cantaloupe, honey dew, etc) in blender. Pour the puree into the So Easy Storage Trays. Cover them and freeze the over night.
  • Rasberry Orange Tea:  Place 2 fresh raspberries in compartment of a So Easy Storage Tray.  Fill the compartments with orange juice. Cover the trays and freeze the over night.

To serve, simply place a few cubes in tall glass and pour your favorite iced tea over them. It is quite a treat!